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Pure & Simple

MBM Water offers water filtration systems for the freshest water on the planet. Our 4-step filtration produces 99.9% pure water, filtering out harmful impurities such as chlorine, metals, bacteria, viruses and more.

Our highly qualified service technicians install your water filtration system (using your existing water supply) for convenient, hassle-free, 99.9% pure drinking water. We also service your filtration system and replace filters as needed.

We offer several filtration models to fit your needs with additional filter options. See products for details on models and filters offered.

The water filtration systems at MBM offer significantly higher quality water, at a fraction of the cost and is much more convenient than bottled water... PLUS, it's better for the environment!

The Truth About Bottled Water

NOT SO PURE... Bottled water is virtually unregulated. Industry lobbyists fight against Federal Purity Regulations every year in Washington. According to the FDA, "Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public..."
(See Filtered VS. Bottled)

BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT... Millions of plastic bottles pollute our landfills each day. Bottled water manufacturers contaminate 6 liters of water for every 1liter they produce.

UNHEALTHY PACKAGING... When water is stored over a period of time in plastic bottles, traces of chemicals (such as Pthylate) used to make the plastic seep into the water and contaminate it.

EXPENSIVE... Bottled water is expensive. Over 95% of the cost is bottle, label, lid and transportation.

INCONVENIENT... Transportation and labor involved in purchasing and storing bottled water are inconvenient and costly.